Assignment: Cereal Rebranding

Students explore how different design aesthetics and text speak to different audiences. Here they redesign an existing cereal to appeal to a different demographic.

About the assignment

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Areas of emphasis: (Re)branding, package design

Summary: Students redesign cereal packaging for an existing product to appeal to a different demographic of their choosing. They can redesign the product’s container in addition to the package’s graphic design.

Timing in the program: Second semester, senior year

Audience: As determined by students

Project partners: N/A

Timeline: 4-5 weeks

Output: Physical food packaging

Learning Objectives:
– To apply graphic design skills and thinking to a three-dimensional object.
– To learn the visual and verbal aesthetics that appeal to different demographics.
– To gain experience designing a three-dimensional package design that is appealing to your target demographic.
– To gain experience creating a design solution that is not isolated, but rather interrelated to other products and brand promises.

Learning Outcomes:
– To articulate the specific design needs and preferences of a target demographic.
– To create an interrelated design solution, connecting the design to a brand family.
– To learn how to create physical three-dimensional mock-ups for a prospective product.

Examples of Student Work

Captain Crunch redesign

Design by Brittany O’Brien

Honey Bunches of Oats redesign

Design by Annie Hendrick

Smart Start redesign

Design by Brooke Goren

Kellogg's All Bran redesign

Design by Michael Maharajh

Special K redesign

Design by Steffanie Espat

Nom-Os redesign

Design by Lauren Siewertsen

Kellogg’s Frosted Flakes redesign

Design by Blakely Mooney