UMD FLUX wins!

UMD FLUX wins!

Posted on Jan 9, 2019 in Awards, News, Uncategorized

Three different classroom assignments received awards from FLUX, a national AIGA student design competition. UMD students’ work went up against students from 11 different states including Texas, California, Massachusetts, Pennsylvania, Florida, Virginia and Georgia. The winners were: The 2017 Graphic Design cohort’s Black Women: Image + Perception in Popular Culture exhibit design won awards for […]

Presenting at DECIPHER 2018

Posted on Aug 26, 2018 in Events, News

I’ll be presenting at DECIPHER 2018.  DECIPHER 2018 is an event focused on tackling “the complexity of the problems we seek to address through design research in order to create a better future.” I hope to see you there!

Speaking on Fundraising at [MAKE]

Posted on May 2, 2018 in Events, News

I’ll be leading a workshop about fundraising at MAKE, the AIGA Design Education Conference in Indianapolis. But how are you going to pay for it? Intimidating. Laborious. Confusing. Embarrassing. Complicated. Futile. There are many descriptions we might use to describe the process of finding funding for a design education project. As designer educators, we can […]

Talking about creating social change at the Bahá’í Chair

Talking about creating social change at the Bahá’í Chair

Posted on Feb 6, 2018 in Events

On March 6 2018 at 4pm I’ll be holding a talk called “More than a pretty picture: The potential for art and design to create positive social change.” The world is filled with seemingly endless conflict and deeply rooted problems. Positive change can seem out of reach. However, art and design have both the potential […]

BMORE Than The Story wins Design Incubation Award

Posted on Aug 13, 2017 in Awards, News

I received the 2017 Teaching Award from Design Incubation. The Teaching Award is for “… innovation in education, pedagogy, instruction, content delivery, and student learning outcomes. Visionary curricular development, outstanding instructional quality, novel teaching methods, successful assignments and projects, and impact on student and alumni success are germane to this distinction. Teaching is the facilitation […]

BMORE Than the Story recognized by Core77

Posted on Jun 18, 2017 in Awards, News

BMORE Than the Story received runner-up the Core77 Design Award in the Professional category of Design Education Initiatives and was awarded Community Choice award for this category. Thanks to the community and the students for all their hard work!

Presenting at the College Art Association

Posted on Feb 2, 2017 in Events, News

I’ll be presenting about how to incorporate assessment into social justice curriculum at the College Art Association 105th Annual Conference in New York, NY.

Behind the Scenes: BMORE Than The Story

Behind the Scenes: BMORE Than The Story

Posted on Dec 18, 2016 in Behind the Scenes, News

The students participated in a series of project orientation exercises and discussions at their separate campuses and then traveled each other’s campuses to meet, to build a sense of community, and then to start discussing the most critical issues upon which to focus. One activity asked students to express their reactions to 2015 Uprising. This […]