I’ll be leading a workshop about fundraising at MAKE, the AIGA Design Education Conference in Indianapolis.

But how are you going to pay for it?

Intimidating. Laborious. Confusing. Embarrassing. Complicated. Futile. There are many descriptions we might use to describe the process of finding funding for a design education project. As designer educators, we can dream up all kinds of rewarding and ambitious projects for our students, and funding can make a significant difference in terms of output options, scale, number and types of collaborators, duration and visibility. The difficulty occurs when when these require funding that is insufficient or unavailable, making such projects seem untenable. In addition, even when you can identify promising funding sources, those might have a daunting application process, fierce competition or deadlines that are incompatible with project timeframes. How can you find the money to afford rewarding-but-costly design endeavors?

This workshop will address the pros and cons of different types of funding, strategies for getting funding, ways to facilitate repeat funding, and best practices for writing funding proposals for design education projects.


  • 2:30pm Thursday, June 7th, 2018

Learn more at [MAKE]’s website.